It’s 2014, and you should be offended.


This picture should offend you, and I’ll tell you exactly why.

You should be offended that these people sought membership in organizations that have bred some of society’s greatest leaders and figures. Martin Luther King, Michael Jordan, Wilma Rudolph, Maya Angelou…

Why would they want to be like any of those people?

You should be offended that these people joined your organizations and learned the values that your founders established. How DARE they see that your fraternity or sorority’s core values line up with their personal beliefs, and they therefore decided to make it their way of life?

In fact, you should be most offended by the good things and the high potential that saw when they pledged themselves to your bonds. It wasn’t about the countless community services hours Greeks commit to annually, or the commitment to membership long after college, or even the potential to step out of their comfort zones and become a part of something they knew they were meant to be a part of.

Yes. Let’s be offended by all of those things. They apparently just wanted to get a rise out of people, and it worked…

It’s the year 2014, and unfortunately, it became a topic of heated discussion on a very popular Instagram page frequented by Greeks.*

*You should follow them by the way–it’s pretty hilarious. Unless you’re not Greek. I don’t think they accept requests from non-Greeks.

From the outside looking in, I have a very hard time comprehending why a discussion over this picture even exists. Is it really that hard to understand that people outside of the black community wanted to seek membership in a Divine 9 organization? Should white people react just the same towards me because of my decision to rush and join a Panhellenic sorority? Let’s hope not.**


Race or ethnicity shouldn’t define what a person will offer your sorority or fraternity. Rather, candidates should be judged by their character and what they can potentially bring to the table. Even 3 years later, I know I made the right decision and joined the sorority that was best for me. They saw me as an asset to the chapter, and even today I’m still considered a leader amongst the chapter.

I’ve had people occasionally ask, “Why them, and why not D9?” It’s a scarcely asked question, but it arises every once in a while nonetheless. And my answer is simple: My home is here. And I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Sure, I could’ve waited a year or two and thought about crossing an organization (that I won’t name-drop. I know better). Maybe these ladies could’ve been Kappa Deltas or Chi Omegas, and he could’ve been a Sigma Chi.  But the four of us didn’t go where we were “supposed” to go or “should” go. We chose our respective organizations because it’s where we belong, and will always belong.

It’s 2014. And you should be offended. You should be offended that race is even a topic of discussion among our Greek organizations, when our time would be better spent saving the world and making a difference.

**As of May 2016, I am no longer a member of my Panhellenic sorority. The membership cancellation was of my own doing, and came after an entire year weighing my options on whether to continue membership in an organization that did not directly correlate with my personal beliefs and values. I still hold true to the idea of diversity in Greek Life; however, with time comes new knowledge and lesson-learning experiences. I do not wish to discourage other minorities from “breaking the mold.” However, I do advise that you REALLY weigh your options and think very hard about what you’re getting out of your decision before you commit to something like this. 


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      • Furthermore Otion not caring accounts for 90% of every problem in the world, in short the fact you dont care and have decided to speak for others only solidifies the fact that mother nature should do away with your useless existence. Kiffani clearly your an enlightened individual.

  1. I’m more offended by the black socks and white shoes the guy has on in the picture. He’s broken one of the cardinal rules of Kappa Alpha Psi – always look good! Lol!

  2. I love this post! It was well written and anyone with half a brain could figure out what your point was. Pi Love.

  3. I think, if you allow it to, D9 and organizations like it can achieve so much more then what, perhaps, they were originally intended for. An equal playing field where races are equal from the start. Put yourself in a position to rise above the horrible atrocities that are still bound emotionally from generation to generation. Welcome those that want be a part something amazing and empowering and pass on what you have to offer. This is how you make society better, stronger, progressive. The challenge is controlling your emotions (which EVERYONE is entitled to), to impact the world (starting with your own community) in a positive way. We ALL have things to be angry about, we can justify almost anything, it’s in our DNA to rationalize our feelings. What we shouldn’t do is hold who we are back because we’ve let those feelings govern our behavior. Have your anger, have your point, but be better, and do better and make your mark on the world from a position of forgiveness and love. I know it’s not easy, if it was where would the challenge lie. Life is never black and white (no pun intended), always start with looking at yourself and how to be better in each situation. I try to remember that if I can make it out of the world unpolluted by the injustices done to me and everyone else, I have lived successfully. All of you are right, but right doesn’t change anything. I don’t like to work out, in fact I hate exercise, but I feel better about myself after a work out, and it’s good for me. You don’t have to enjoy your actions to know that they are doing something positive.

    • I think this sounds so inspirational, but i bet your white, of european decent, and have no clue what it is to be black of african decent. I wouldnt sit here and tell you about how your ancestors life was all easy.. even thk they had slaves to do their work for them.. your ancestors faught here and there.. died.. was ig smart enough to manipulate a culture of people so kudos, but im not about to level myself. No, no one is truly equal. If you think this, your naiive aswell. There are many classes and social levels/ stauses. That simply divide and segregate alone. 2 people can be raised in the suburbs but have 2 different struggle due to 2 different back grounds.. same senario in the urban neighborhood- it does not make us equal. Now the forgiving… man idk if thatll happen either. My grandma tolerates white people, because of her history and because of her history. And then my own personal experiences i tolerate. But never will i feel equal or loved. Fuck all that kumbaya stuff your talking. Let some black girls whoop your ass, the first thing to come out of your mouth is those black people, those niggers. So yea. Lets just all tolerate 🙂

      • Wow. I’m black and I hate niggers like you. You are so stupid and exactly what is wrong with so many of our young black people. HOLDING ONTO RACISM. You started with “I think this sounds so inspirational, but I bet you’re* white” Well sweetheart you almost made it to the second sentence before you let color become an issue again. This sounds inspirational BUT!…you are white. BUT. You are white.

        You also go on to right “No, no one is truly equal” Ayyy aie aie. When you are this stupid, and also black, when you speak about this topic you get results opposite of what you wanted.

        Keep hating the white guy because his great great grandfather owned your great great grandfather. Sounds progressive.

      • The beginning of your comment mirriors mine while your trying to prove a point. If you think we should all hold hands and suck each other off your the idiot truly. Like please dont think racism will ever die, history repeats itself over and over. So if i chose to be a black nigger that tolerates white crackers SO FUCKING BE IT. And if you chose to be a black nigger who coons and will cuck for the white master.. well SO BE IT.. progression my ass, life itself is progression.. so thats dumb to say. Lol without progression wed stil all be fetuses. But im glad you hate my comment, id rather tell the truth on what goes on behind closed doors than lie and say race is a peachie keen subject. I come from the south, all my roots reside there. And no its not about slavery entirely.. ive never picked cotton.. but ive been falsely accused by white people.. mocked by white people, called out of my name by white people, the list goes on. Do i feel sorry for me.. no, i live in a white elite agenda society where i have to tolerate my white bretheren 🙂

      • chelsmae, apparently you are one of the ignorant black people, get over your narcissistic self, you are not any better than anyone else just because your great great great great great grandparents were slaves! Love how you say “let some black girls beat your ass” how bout 1 white girl whoops your ass and knocks some sense into your hating ass skull! Grow the fuck up, you all want to be treated equally then don’t put others down. Y’all are damn hypocrites, be the first to pull the race card every time so you can get ahead, and do wrong all the time to get ahead, but you’ll also be the first to call someone of a different color out for doing it too. So why do you feel its okay for you to play the system and get ahead but nobody else can? You must be on that “All for one” shit. I seriously hope you take a deep look into what Dr. King’s intentions were, because if he were alive today, he’d probably whoop your ass himself

      • You sound upset,.(mad or nah) I never once said i was better than anyone at all but again i dont know what rock you live, no man is truly equal, you can look at it from a psychological point, a financial point, a religious point, i mean what are you dumdfound to reality… And, ive faught a white girl, shes deaf now, long story short she was raised to be a white supremacist, called me what my how you say great great great grreat grrreats were called and got knock the fuck out. How about that.. You statement shows me your boiled about that remark more than likely because youve been beat down before… what ever the case lol …Before you open your ignorant white mouth, my grandmother was born right after the repercussions of slavery, so that makes you sound stupid, jus like your lazy stupid ancestors.. white people like malcolm x (yes i am an all for one, kill cracker black in your opinion ignorant person) says.. white people are the devil, blonde haired blue eyed devils… look at history honey and know its repeating itself now. You wanna hakunamata, go back and lets flip the roles of black and white. Oh and the definition.. since im so ignorant of ingorance is lack of knowledge once again everything ive stated has fact, and date. You white people say martin luther king, but dont know shit about how we felt towards red necks in the 50s and 60s hell even being raised behind closed doors. Thats the first name you name thinking of black no African American history… Do you know any other civil rights activist.. i know about 20 of them, cousins and both pair of my grandparents… so, again that lack of knowledge or teaching is the anger you remark against my true heart felt response on this blog post. You say im hating… whom, i dislike white, or european people period. But i never said hate. I tolerate you, at work, at school, even neighborly.. Key word tolerate. Which is what we all truly do on a daily basis.So why do you feel its okay for you to play the system and get ahead but nobody else can? I hope your not speaking of GI assistance such as food stamps because statistic wise, white people fuck over the system in the lead for government issued assistance.. FACT. I mean, your lazy ass is sitting either infront of a phone, tab or computer.. look it up. Your uneducated, so saying MLKJ would whoop my ass… did you many of his beliefs lined up with malcolm x’s.. No.. lol did you know they were actually good friends.. No. You know what your great great greats allowed in history books.. well go beyond that and seek some knowledge. I enjoyed your response tho, I should start my own blog and post articles of racism, both black and white and see the responses i get out of people. Ill post the link when i do 🙂 your assignment is to google predominant black people other than martin and know what and how they helped develop this nation.. okayyy

  4. Its sac that so called black put so much effort into a GREEK organization when out roots are way more worthy. So dont get offened when you see a different race in the divide nine because The most high has a higher position for us.

  5. I think the simplest way to put it is :
    African Americans just want to have something that is just for us . Created by us and exclusively for us . Everything that makes us different or unique as a people us first frowned upon, downgraded as inferior or unin telligent then eventually mocked , stolen and renamed. Its almost like an overly annoying lil brother that copies and wants everything single thing you have, because he secretly looks up to you and wants to be just like you .
    I have just a few examples to start :
    1. Slang
    2. Rap music as an art expression
    3. plump round features (ie, butts and lips)
    4. D9 orgs
    5. twerking (which was just dancing to Blacks for like 15years before)
    And list goes on. I just simply feel oh something else we have to share . (sarcastic yaaaay!) and god forbid we dont want to then there’s s something seriously wrong with us . yet we could do anything(as simple as drink water ) with anyone outside our race before now we’re wrong for wanting to have something exclusively for us . SHAME

    • So should others act this way? No. If everyone had the I want it to myself mentality we would be going backwards. Everything separate? Oh but no one wants that. You are shutting yourself off to growth, diversity, and love for all of Gods children with this idea that everyone just has their own different one. But I suppose since I’m in a D9, teach hip hop classes, listen to rap music, and work for the advancement of minorities all while not being black I am the “annoying little brother”. What is a shame is that I do good for someone else in this world and am still hated by my own Greek community.

    • But doesn’t that create racial bias as well as discrimination? Something I thought that was trying to be eradicated, doesn’t make sense to me to try and make an organization that promotes social, cultural and racial exclusiveness. I myself am a greek although I will not put which fraternity I am a part of because mine like many other does not condone such type of actions, If a person exhibits the qualities that your organization is looking for and is a respectable enough individual why should any of those things matter, these greek organizations were and are founded upon morals and ideology not social standing or ethnicity.

      • So make something new in the face of that. Keep shit moving. Don’t just whine. I hear you on the stolen by corporate america part (like that’s something only white people participate in – bullshit) but that’s how culture is going to be if we continue with capitalism. And that’s great. Simply put, the blues got stolen, then rap came along as a voice for a new urban black culture. Now that’s been stolen, so what? There will be another art form that will be authentic and untainted by capitalization, as long as people aren’t just ignorant in response like you clearly are. Get off your ass and create something worthwhile. I guarantee you never have.

      • Im a nates nurse, I aide in the life saving of infants everyday… so you get off your ass and do something with like, it sounds like your mad. Ive said nothing, if you see any black people in the 13 families who control a large percentage of the worlds wealth.. lemme know. K. Ive done several research and thesis papers in psych and soc on these topics, racism, mind control, capitalism… etc. So the phrase of the day would be fuck off.. 🙂

  6. As someone who was kept out of a Panhellenic sorority because I’m black (though I was voted in by the girls in the house, 2 of whom left when they found out why I was denied), I support the integration of ALL Greek organizations. Would you deny white students the opportunity to enroll in an African American studies class? Surely not! And their presence absolutely doesn’t mean that anything about the sorority/fraternity has to change. I would think that black people would want to encourage things like this. It’s not about “whites trying to take yet another thing that’s supposed to be just for us”, but rather that they want to share & understand our traditions. Granted, some people may do things like this as a joke, which is disrespectful, but being white doesn’t mean you don’t share the same interests & values as members of a black fraternity. And to me, that’s what the Greek system is (or should be) all about: groups of people that have come together to combine & share different aspects of their lives. It’s not that I don’t understand why some people want African Americans to have something that’s just ours- how can you not sympathize with that based on the history of our people?- but if we don’t share that history & culture with others (and in turn learn more about them too), how can we ever truly get to a place of unity & peace for all? We’ve already seen that “separate but equal” is just barely a step above being inferior. Dr. King’s dream was that we would be judged “not by the color of [their] skin, but by the content of [their] character” so if there are white people whose characters’ thrive amongst those of a different race, then doesn’t that simply mean that Dr. King’s dream is finally becoming reality?

    • Well, although some may not agree with his personal lifestyle, he was a role model and a businessman– Something people should strive to be, independent and successful, rather than just seeking a quick dollar and 10 minutes of fame.

      • He ain’t did nadda for Wilmington North Carolina or even his high school. Not that he owes anyone anything. I’m just saying I would have been more concerned. I know it’s a black hole for minorities and it’s a port city so their is a huge drug problem but come on man. Willie Stargel has done more for Wilmington than Mike.

  7. As a proud member of a multicultural org, I agree with everything in this post. I grew up in a small farm town in Ohio and moved to the biggest campus in the country because I love Scarlet and Grey just as much as I love my Maroon and Navy Blue. I joined Delta Xi Phi because of the values they represented and I found a place where I belonged. Four years later, I still see people surprised when I walk down the street with my multicultural bunch. People usually mistake us for DST (learn your colors, people!) or something and it’s really frustrating when people ask why I joined DXP without knowing me as a person. It’s 2014 and maybe by 2050 Greeks will finally understand this.

    • Jeanette and i our in the same Multicultural Sorority and I am in 100% agreement with her post. However I love the shock value my sorority brings of having white, black, Asian, Hispanic, openly gay, Transgendered, blue hair, tattooed, or whatever you chose to be that day. We don’t deny you based on looks and personal beliefs. We only want you to uphold the same pillars that we believe in as a sorority. I tried explaining what a Multicultural Sorority was to someone and when I finished they said “so your sorority is how the world basically is everyday”. And that was the most honest answer I’ve ever gotten. Yes! That’s what it is but in Greek like we have a whole different issue. Greek life isn’t how the world is and my sorority and others like it are in the process of trying to change and diversify.

  8. This is fantastic! As an alumni of Kappa Delta Sorority I voted for other races to be in our sorority, it was because of their skin color… it was because I liked who they were as a person. That’s why my sorority let me join (Even though I did have strands of pink hair, angel bite piercing and totally didn’t fit a “sorority” type ideal) … I joined them because they accepted me for who I was and loved me for it! It is a shame that race even matters when it comes to things such as this!

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  10. Being around people who are similar to you is not a crime and will never be one. The purpose of having these organizations is to further a person as a person, not make them hate another person or wish ill will upon them. Whether you think what the sororities at UA are doing is right or wrong, it is still their decision in the end! I’m not saying the message they are portraying is right, but they do have that right as a private organization. Furthermore, if your beliefs don’t align with those of the sororities then why make a push to join them? Why would you want an opportunity to join something that you feel is full of hate. You shouldn’t try to change people if they are doing nothing wrong to you. I believe this just goes along with the thought that we should all get along and have the same ideas and if that happens then we have lost what we so desperately seek everyday in our lives and that is individuality. Words can only hurt you if you let them. In the end you have the choice to be able to surround yourself with who you want! People are going to hate, descriminate and stereotype no matter what you do. So in the end just be yourself and join whatever organization you feel is best for you and if that organization won’t let you in based off something you cannot change, then you have already saved time not wasting it with people who may not have been good friends to begin with.

  11. Love this! when i saw the title and accompanying picture i was nervous to read, because i was pretty sure it was going to be a horridly racist fueled argument! you proved my wrong and it was a great read! You are so right. People should be chosen based on whether they will be an asset to the organization or not. not because of their skin color! Thanks for sparking a discussion! GO GREEK!

  12. I believe a person should join whatever organization they feel best relates to them, personally, not just their race or following in the footsteps of others. I went to college in Flint, Michigan and I have sisters who were questioned and harassed when they joined our sorority as opposed to the D9 (there were 3 D9 chapters in our city for the various colleges). They were called traitors for not joining the all-black sorority. That’s the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. Of all of the Greeks on campus, my sorority had not only the highest overall GPA, but had the most community service hours completed. We did not haze, we were not big partiers and we had members from 18 to 40 (no joke). These women said they identified more with our chapter than the other two “white” sororities or the D9s. It is sad that race still needs to play a factor here in 2014. Wake up, people. A person is a person, not a god damn color. I say join whatever group you want, and if the groups/options that are available do not appeal to you at all, then start your own colony for the one that does best your ideals and beliefs.

  13. I am actually writing an article on racial inequalities and I am going to mention these points in them. Like you said in an earlier reply, it is nothing new but to invite discussion. I am fortunate I came across this when I did. Rock on, and continue to do you.

  14. Shyt is dumb, who cares! As long as they get made, embrace the objectives, and graduate they are good with me! Too many “skating”, non graduating, lazy, out of shape (yea that too) Greeks (Black or white) as it is…

  15. Honestly, Panhellenic orgs care more about race than D9. We love all our members regardless of race and they are treated the same as anyone who went through the same things as them. Yet, many Panhellenic orgs prohibit people of other races from joining their group such as the TriDelts at Alabama. Non-greeks and panhellenics make a bigger deal about race in picture like this an D9 does. I love my White, Hispanic, Asian, or whatever Sorors just as I do my black. People always want to blame things African Americans take pride in as the root of racism and downfalls of society when those not part of the culture are the ones to bring it up because they are the ones who see the difference and don’t like what we do and chose to accept. That’s what offends me.

  16. To be honest I’m not offended by Caucasians joining delta sigma theta and I am a delta apparently the others don’t either if they made it into our organizations I don’t see color anymore it’s about bettering yourself and the communities

  17. I’m not offended…I’m a little amused that we should have to have such a discussion in 2014. In diversity there is strength. I’m a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, the fraternity of Martin King… This IS his dream! Now…let’s eat pizza!

  18. Personally, I was invited to be a Q. I didn’t pledge, but did then and still do enjoy the company of my friends from those day, be they black or white. For us to pretend racism doesn’t exist is silly; there are close minded people everywhere. I become embarrassed for both races when I see it in any direction, but to call it “reverse racism” is an oxymoron. The opposite of racism is love, ergo “reverse racism” = love of a race, correct? That doesn’t mean racism is a one way street. This news broke today:

  19. I am totally appalled by the insinuations that the Greek community should not be integrated. Shame on you for trying to instigate controversy, when there is none. Shame on you even more for bringing race into the picture. These people have the right to decide what to do with their lives, who to associate themselves, and their own destiny. I spent 22 years of my life defending the rights of ALL people, and their right to choose their way of life. It’s called FREEDOM !!!! I am further offended that someone would take pictures to post on ANY social media just to enrich their on life. I am especially offended that two of the three people in that photo are my children. I am VERY proud that they make decisions like this, even though it might not be popular. I applaud them and love them very much !!!!!! So, let’s let a little “redneck” out of the bag. Be respectful of others decisions, whether you agree with them or not. If you don’t want to see it, CLOSE YOUR STUPID EYES OR TURN THE OTHER WAY !!!!!! I will defend their right to choose, as well as everyone else, until the day I die !!!!! I took an oath to defend this country in 1970, and that oath has NEVER been repealed!!!

    • If you’re implying that I “instigated” controversy, maybe you didn’t read the article in its entirety. First off, your daughter actually APPLAUDED me for this article. And I applaud her and the other two for following their own paths and not what they were “supposed to do.” The point of the article is to make people realize that your character should determine your membership, not your color–as others seem to think.

      • He is not implying ‘you’ instigated controversy. Read his comment over and don’t be so defensive. He is talking about those who don’t want other races in their orgs.

      • Well, he said “shame on you,” and I took that as reference to me. I even checked to see if it was a reply to someone else, but it was a general comment on the blog instead.
        Defensive? I didn’t think so. I felt as though I was clarifying my position if he was referring to me.

    • So I have been debating on whether or not I should comment on this because my Father has been wanting to speak his opinion but I have been lowkey on the matter. I’m going to just say that I did applaud you, correct. My dad didn’t mean any harm to you or your blog…he was talking to those who disagree with having other races in their organizations.

  20. So you mean to tell me that these white,probably upper middle, class students needed to join “black” frats and soro’s to gain an edge in the business world or piggyback off of Dr king or M Jordan success? Please tell me this was just an attempt to start a discussion of some sort.

  21. I’m offended at these comments about her article being pointless. Clearly you all are not active on twitter and missed the part of the article where she mentioned the hype surrounding the photograph and topic. This article is very important because too many people on the internet are saying that they have an issue with white people pledging “black” sororities and frats. Maybe you all should’ve asked why she took the time to post this instead of telling her no one cares about it because clearly people do. Thank you for this piece because it needed to be said.

  22. Great topic, well-poised position, terrible delivery, narrow-minded view. How can a woman of color have a jaded view of this? I am a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., initiated over 11 years ago and in my Greek travels, I’ve met dozens of non-blacks NPHC members. You have to be an idiot to think that we could simply deny someone who can add character and unlimited attributes to our organization because they don’t check off the “African-American” box. Your views are outdated and trust me, if you were denied access to your sorority based on your skin color, it would be a bigger issue to you. I ask you as a voice of reason to allow your mind to think bigger. We are the leaders of tomorrow and we can continue to think like this.

  23. You know what, I understand what you where trying to do and the message you where trying to get across. I am a member of both D9 and in a CSO fraternity and at my college, a HBCU, a lot of people think if you don’t pledge D9 then your not ish basically and it shouldn’t be that way. Now I agree that this is at my school and is not the case every where else and at some schools it really doesn’t matter and that’s awesome! More schools should strive towards that mind set but I just wanted to let you know that I did enjoy this and keep doing you!

  24. As a black alum of a large traditional chapter of a historically white southern-rooted fraternity, I have an interesting perspective on this topic.

    Truth be told, to echo what has already been mentioned in the comments. I did
    not give two thoughts about race when I went through rush. I went where I could relate and felt most comfortable. My college only had 2% minorities out of 16,000 students (my universit was even ranked as one of the least diverse schools in the country). Thus, the majority of my friends were white. I wanted to stick with my friends despite the societal norms and have no regrets. Plus the D9 chapters were very small and disconnected to what was going around campus. I will be honest; when I Iooked to join a fraternity, I wanted one that would maximize my four year experience (fraternally and socially) and was not so much concerned beyond that. All in all, I was not forced to become someone I was not, and still maintained my pride for being black. In the midst of all the white students, I often wore my blackness as if it were a badge of honor, a way I could be different within the system.

    While my school is very traditionalist and homogenously white upper/upper-middle class, integration of the greek system has eradicated the thought of race from a rush standpoint. Both historically white chapters and D9 chapters have some degree of diversity. In my four years, I noticed the major issue being the lack of large numbers of black students choosing to take the path I took. Most historically white chapters (roughly 40 at my school) only have between 0-5 blacks (for my chapter it was 4 out of 107 guys) simply because not many more came through rush. Some years a chapter has 0; other years that same chapter will have 3. It depends on who shows up and who is truly worthy of getting a bid (no house would give a bid to someone solely for being a certain race). The chapters that currently dont have any diversity do not lack it intentionally, but because thats how it worked out that particular year

    However my school is in Ohio, and I am sure things are different in the South and I might have taken a different path there. Still, it is widely known around campus that integration of the greek system did not start until the 90s and is ongoing.

  25. I think in order for us to move forward like the rest of the world it shouldn’t matter what their color is. EUROPE, is so far from racesism. You are just as scented for you.

    • Are you saying europe has no racism? because thats extra false I was just in london last year and was stereo typed by one of my friends associates… And then when our touring overheard a white couple talking about how they hate black people. I believe she said is like this in an english accient “their english, blacks arent” and some other shit i tuned out.

  26. They’ve been pledging in those groups since the late 80’s and the early 90’s. I think it’s Hilarious! They are just coming back to claim what is rightfully theirs. Historically, they ARE the Greeks/Hellenes, and we ARE the Etruscans…..

  27. I would just like to say that I have raised my children to always look at a person’s character rather than the color of their skin.

  28. First off – very good post. very well written and articulated, but as a member of a D9 org., I think that outsiders have to realize – it’s not that many of us are offended by whites joining our orgs, but more so confused as to how they take part in ritualistic and traditional aspects of the org… many of these ceremonies/values were created specifically to relate to challenges faced by blacks in America – ones that they nor their ancestors can relate I must wonder as they learn the information and take part in certain ceremonies alongside their black counterparts…what are they really internalizing? what are they relating to? just a few questions that i’ve always wanted to ask..but honestly haven’t so as to not offend them or their chapter? maybe if everyone stopped being so offended, some real dialogue and understanding could be attained lol

    • Agreed–I share the same thoughts although I have never outwardly expressed them. I have no issues with race as I am a “mixed breed ” so to speak, however, I do wonder where some gain the connection in that aspect.

  29. Hmm… I find this discussion to be interesting and familiar in the sense of it being the same discussion that we were having in 1993 when I was initiated in one of the Great Eight (known as Divine 9 today) organizations. What does it tell me?

    1) Black people are not a monolithic race of people that share a common set of beliefs, experiences, or even understanding of what black is. The fact is, we are split geographically, financially, culturally, and by educational attainment just to name a few.

    2) The passion of this discussion and the fact that it has been ongoing to one degree or another for several decades means not everyone is healed or okay with moving on. The wounds obviously still run deep and we have done an inadequate job of tackling the issues; instead choosing to ignore it and to either hope it will go away or to point to a few individual successes as evidence that the institution of racism no longer exist.

    3) The dialogue is almost 100% based on emotion with some facts sprinkled in to back up our very personal views that are based on our own uniqueness.

    My question to you all is this. Is it possible to truly get to a point where race isn’t a significant factor?

    • I believe it will eventually come. However I don’t see it coming anytime soon. I have read the article and comments. First I want to say this is a great article and the discussion forum has been wonderful. I am a D9 member and I can see both sides of the arena. When you speak of D9 organizations you must look back on history and during the times they were originally founded. Those times were much different from today. Majority of the D9 organizations were founded on an HBCU. There was no diversity at that time. So it would be obvious that there would be some type of segregation involved. We were shut out from everything. We had to start our own at that time. Moving forward into today’s society, diversity is very much so accepted. We find that other races and cultures share the same interests and goals. Myself being a member of Phi Beta Sigma, I feel we have been very diverse as far as a D9 organization. But at the end of the day we know where it all began. So I say we can all come together to reach that goal and that is great for the betterment of our families. To those who are a member of an D9 organization. I want to say I love you all and will always push D9 until I leave this earth. My wife is an AKA and my oldest daughter is a member of DST. My youngest plans to be a Zeta. I push D9 all day long. But we all know we have seen a change in our families recently. So we must accept it and say we have moved on to a new time and day. But we have not forgotten what our forefathers put in place for us. We are a proud race and are ready to stand up or it. But for each day that we move forward in coming together as one is a better day for us all. I think being involved in a Greek organizations is a great thing as today we find more and more diverse Greek orgs all reaching for the same ending. Great job you guys. Continue too make the world a better place.

  30. Honestly, I feel like it’s okay for people to join any organization they want regardless of race, culture, and identity. If I’m being honest, I have not heard of NPHC and Multicultural fraternities/sororities really having an issue letting other races and cultures in, as long as they are quality members and their values are in alignment with the organization’s values. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence or if something is really going on, but I have heard that there are some racial bias in the NPC and other social fraternities with letting members of a different cultural and ethnicity (and even sexual orientation) into their organizations. I have never experienced this, and consider myself lucky that my organization that I am part of is not like that at all. However, I have heard my friends (both male and females in organizations) tell me that in some organizations they are more “cautious” about letting the “other” become a member or even pledge their organization. Now, I can understand that there is a HUGE difference between being overly sensitive about these issues and actually pointing out the flaws of the system. I get it. I really do. About the article, however, I am offended at the condescending tone that the article has towards a group of people that created these specific organizations in the past because they weren’t allowed equal access to the broad range of organizations that they “can” join today. I feel as if people who are told to “stop talking about race” are mostly minorities when they point out flaws in a system or visible discrimination. I’m not going to bring up injustices out of the blue to make people feel horrible, BUT I will call out injustices when I see it. No matter who it is towards.

    • You dont think that these organizations should keep to their own race.. why? everything else is a “so-called” equal opportunity, but damn its like, we (african americans) should have at least something to ourselves, and so should white people, asian people, arabic people, native amer people, indian people (which i consider arabic or middle eastern)… because in history (and you’d have to do your own research on this, Im not going into depth) everything else was stolen, re worded, re organized & taken, we both know by whom- lets not kid ourselves… There IS history behind hbcu’s and the only 10 now 9 sor/frat’s AA’s created. FOR REASONS that should be RESPECTED by other races and LEFT ALONE to be celebrated and upheld by the TRUE DESCENDANTS- the AA’s… I dont understand why if white people join D9 for a better understanding or all together new teachings of AA history and culture, dont they just pick up a damn book at their local library and kick the whole martin luther king, rosa parks and malcolm x are the only black people we know because of grade school text books mind set, hell move to the hood if you want the culture, move to black suburbs.. research, ask us questions, were not ashamed to tell you what we learned in a school book compared to what our parents and their parents and back have taught and instilled in us and our own personal experiences with racial justice and injustice…. but the organizations know their OWN history and are more focused on a recap of OUR ROOTS, then the greek alphabet forwards and backwards, mission statements, organizations purpose, founders, colors, specific letters.. then community servicing, rush, recruit, gatherings, parties, charity.. etc.. If I do recall it was because of white people not wanting black people educated let alone educating intermingled with white students that these schools and societies/organizations were formed. I cant sit here and say all white people are joining these groups and even these schools out of mockery because half of them dont even know crap about african american history to begin with, so if their heart is complacent to learn about AA’s truly, then they truly should be focused more on the academic level (taking AA history classes, reading and researching, questioning black professors and classmates, neighbors, church members, etc) then trying to join a frat or sorority..AND People love to say oh white people can relate to black people, so let them in, let them join……. I think people think its cool to be “black” I know more white people that listen to rap/hiphop artist, use slang and the N word fluently, dress a certain stereo typical way.. than I see black people….. until the repercussions 90% of black people face come into play then its, well im white, better and dont have to deal with this ___ … Sure we can all be poor (which is politically where a lot of white and black people level and play on the same field) , but opportunities, the crooked law and other civil situations CLEARLY throughout time and now in this day in age have made us different and unequal. And lets not kid ourselves, racism will forever exist, humans dont have the capability of demolishing this mind frame.

  31. First off I want to say awesome blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask
    if you do not mind. I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your mind prior to writing.

    I’ve had trouble clearing my thoughts in getting my
    ideas out there. I truly do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are lost
    just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or hints?

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